Amazon Future Engineer

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) and computer science education are the backbone of modern world and will continue to be so in the future. Computer coding is the language of the future. Computer science is the fastest growing profession, and the average computer science major makes 40% more in lifetime earnings than the average college graduate, and nearly three times more than the average high school alumna, according to independent research from

Despite the opportunity, the vast majority of public elementary and high schools, particularly in underserved and underrepresented communities, do not offer computer science classes, and only 8% of STEM graduates earn a computer science degree. To tap into the opporutnity, the governments and private sector in developed countries is working on a systematic computer science education plan aimed at increasing access to computer science education for children and young adults. one such plan by Amazon is Amazon Future Engineer.

We at Software engineers of Kashmir also believe and are working towards building a strong institutional setup for sustainable computer science initiative.

Below are highlights of the Amazon Future Engineer Program:

1.Amazon Future Engineer is a four-part, childhood-to-career program aimed at inspiring and educating hundreds of thousands of students from underrepresented and underserved communities each year to try computer science and coding.

2. It is a comprehensive childhood-to-career program. In elementary and secondary school setup, it provides for continuous interactive learning experience along with Robotics competitions and access to tours of Amazon Robotics fulfillment centers.

3. Each year, Amazon Future Engineer provides 100 students from underrepresented and underserved communities planning to study computer science at a four-year college or university with $10,000/year scholarships.

4. Each year, Amazon Future Engineer offers the 100 scholarship recipients a guaranteed, paid internship at Amazon after their first year of college, to innovate and create new features and services on behalf of Amazon customers.

5.Amazon Future Engineer is a big part of Amazon’s $50 million investment in computer science over the next five years. Amazon Future Engineer has also donated more than $20 million to organizations that promote computer science/STEM education across Uinted States.

6. This program is focussed on United States of America and provides in offline schools. However, In response to the many disruptions caused by the pandemic, Amazon Future Engineer is offering free online computer science learning experiences 

For more information about the program, Please visit  and

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