Software Engineering Career Path

If you search the internet for career path of software engineering you might get different perspectives but all of the perspectives underline actually building software as the most important thing. We also believe the same. Traditionally, if you had to become a software engineer, you would need to the following:

  1. A CS degree
  2. Learn to Program
  3. Study algorithms
  4. Supplement studies by browsing through programming sites on internet
  5. Build Software
  6. Search for an internship
  7. Search for a job

However, in the current state of the world, getting into software engineering is not something that only CS degree holders do. Professionals from other backgrounds also find it easy, thanks to the modern facility of Internet, learning has been never so easy.

We recommend the following steps that should be followed in sequence for a successful career in software:

  1. Learn basics of programming
  2. Choose a programming language( Python recommended)
  3. Learn the language and solve programming problems
  4. Implement algorithms
  5. Build real software, an app, a website!
  6. Build a Github portfolio by working on multiple projects
  7. Search for an internship citing the experience and your Github profile
  8. GET A JOB!!!!!!!

In the next post, we will explain more on the software engineering career path and milestones.

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