Programmers changed the world

Modern era is the era of connectivity and information. Most of the people who have smartphones use the phones for something special other than simple calling. For example, Google, the solution that finds for you what ever you search. The other applications would be Facebook and Twitter , the networks which help us connect to people across the globe. For one to one and small group conversations, programmers have created WhatsApp and many similar applications.

Other than the above mentioned solutions, which are internet based, a lot of solutions which work without internet like Microsoft office have eased out the burden of people. Likewise, other software has been very impactful and has made a positive change in the lives of billions of people.

The primary software engineers behind the big projects mentioned here are:

  • Sergey Brin and Larry Page for Google
  • Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook
  • Jack Dorsey & team for Twitter
  • Brian Acton and Jan Koum for WhatsApp
  • Bill gates for Microsoft

In the next post we will write about the software engineering career path

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