Why should I learn to code

This post is second in the series of “learn to code”. In the first one, we talked about the arguments for learning to code and also hinted towards how easy it is to learn it. In this post we want to provide more reasons and motivation.

  • It is empowering in the sense that you can develop an app and it can earn you a passive income
  • Software engineers have the freedom to work from home and thus can have their own schedule
  • A side project can be had as a hobby and trust me about the special feeling that you get when you see the stuff working
  • A software in the form of an app,a webiste or an ecom portal can make your other non IT businesses profitable
  • As a software engineer you feel like a member of top secret society, because you can hack and know what is going on under the hood of social networks and internet

In the next post, we will talk about how easy it is to learn coding and where to look for starter material.

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